Keedren A. Boston

"Once upon a time, I was Oh so blind..."





Husband, Father of 4 children, Youth Pastor, Educator, actor, comedian and Urban Gospel artist, Keedren Boston, often referred to as “BossTon” began his music career as an R&B singer/rapper but soon laid down the secular mic to pick up the cross. “One day”, Keedren says, “I woke up and realized that I could only remember darkness…It’s hard to see in darkness period, but there’s no darkness like being spiritually blind and that’s what I was.” This marked the beginning of a new and Christ centered life for Keedren.


Keedren is definitely known for his “out-of-the-box” ministry amongst the people in his hometown of San Antonio, Texas and various other cities around the state. Keedren has been blessed to minister across the U.S. and out of the country as well. He has shared stages with artists such as Deitrick Haddon, Earnest Pugh, Wes Morgan, Tasha Page Lockhart, Keith Pringle, Lee Williams and various Christian Hip Hop artists. BossTon toured England in 2009 and 2010 ministering through music to the youth and young adults for the "Christ Up Kingdom" UK Tour. He also ministered throughout New Zealand alongside his great friends from the UK. That trip, “Best of Both Worlds Mission & Tour" (2014) included Pastor Greg Husband, Pastor Paul and Jacqueline Davis. Also included on that tour was one of his best friends, (brother-in-Christ) Greg "Puntin" Cooks.


His freshman album and single entitled “Not About Me” quickly became his mission statement in his commitment to God and his ministry to the world. With the release of his sophomore album entitled “He Changed Me” Keedren felt led to write about how God has changed and delivered him from the ways of his past, and how God is able to do it again and again for anyone who will believe and accept Christ into their life. Keedren is set to release a new EP entitled "Walk On Water" that hopes to inspire others to step out in faith, put their trust in Jesus and get out of the boat of their comfort zone and do what may seem like the impossible; that is to "Walk On Water". He, along side his wife and 4 children serve at The Potters House of North Dallas under the leadership of Bishop Joby and Pastor Sherly Brady. 


       Keedren continues to travel and minister from city to city and outreach to outreach spreading the message of change and salvation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is easy to see the transparency and genuine passion that flows naturally through Keedren's gifts. He is truly on a mission to see the souls of men and women saved and to inspire and encourage those who already are saved to keep the faith and continue to trust in the one true and living God.